The introduction of Modernising Medical Careers and the establishment of Specialty Schools have given us an opportunity to review our Study Leave management system. Specialty Schools have the responsibility of managing education programmes for their trainees against the approved curricula. They also have a responsibility for ensuring that their trainees get appropriate Study Leave to learn skills that cannot be taught at their base hospital/practice.

Following National Guidelines, we at Severn Postgraduate Medical Education are promoting the new strategy whereby Specialty Schools hold the Study Leave budget for trainees and manage the process of its authorisation. We believe that this approach will ensure that funding is managed in the best interests of all trainees. One example of this is that there is the potential for better training planning and block-buying of discounted courses, which support the curricula.

However, we also appreciate that the management of Study Leave requires close liaison between clinical departments, rota co-ordinators, medical staffing and Postgraduate Medical Education Departments. The co-ordination of a collaborative approach is key to the implementation of a successful new process.

We aim to implement the change and create appropriate infrastructures across all Speciality and Foundation Schools.

List of Approved Courses

Full list of approved ACCS Study Leave courses

How to apply for Study Leave

Please follow the steps below to apply for study leave.


  • Trainee identifies development requirement with Educational Supervisors.
  • Trainee completes study leave application form
  • Trainee books leave from Department.
  • Obtain signatures for leave from Department (Rota Manager) and College Tutor (Educational Supervisor).
  • Trainee to send completed study leave form to Alison Needler, School Support Manager, Dept of Anaesthesia, Health Education South West, Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, Deanery House, Vantage Business Park, Old Gloucestershire Road, Bristol. BS16 1GW

How to Apply for Study Leave Expenses

Please note, your study leave budget begins on 1st April each year, do make use of your budget and claim for your expenses within six weeks of the date of the course - your budget can not be carried over into the next leave year.


Study Leave Policy

Severn School of ACCS - Study Leave Recommendations

Category Mandatory Courses/Training  Acceptable Alternatives  Recommended Courses 

 Regional Training Days Higher


 All HST trainees must attend monthly Regional Training Days    
 Regional Training Days ST3  ST3 Trainees pre Intermediate Certificate completion must attend ACCS EM Regional training Days post Intermediate Certificate they should attend HST Regional Training Days    

Regional Training Days ACCS EM


 Regional ACCS EM monthly programme

Regional Novice Anaesthetist Courses

Regional Novice ICM courses


 Life Support Courses



**Trainees must be in date provider for for all 3 for CCT. Valid for 4 years so may require re-certification in ST4-6** 

 Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

 European Trauma Course (ETC)

European Paediatric Life Support (EPLS); 

European Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS) - from 2016

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

 Life Support Instructor Course



 In Region Core EMUS Course  Commercial Core EMUS Courses (as approved by School USS Lead)

 FEEL Course

FICE Course

 Child Protection/Safeguarding 

 Trust/Regional Level 2 - ST1/2

Trust/Regional Level 3 - ST3 - 6


Academic/QIP Courses


 Regional QIP days

Regional Critical Appraisal Skills

Commercial QIP Courses

Commercial Critical Appraisal Courses

 RCEM QIP days

SIM Courses  


 Regional/Trust level SIM courses (as relate to a curriculum element)    UK TEAM Course

Exam preparation


 Regional Mock FRCEM  Commercial exam preparation courses e.g. Bromerly course  

Management Courses


 Trust/Regional Management Courses  

 Kings Fund Course

Keele Management Courses

 Leadership Courses  To be confirmed with RCEM     

Other Conferences/Courses


 School Annual Conference   

 EMTA conference 

RCEM National Scientific Conference

RSM EM Conferences



    Teach the Teacher

Major Incident Training


     MIMS courses
 PHEM Sub Speciality Trainees  Regional PHEM Training Days    National Phase 1 and Phase 2 Courses
 PEM Sub Speciality Trainees  Monthly Regional HST Training Days    Annual National PEM Conference