ACCS Study Leave process

 Severn ACCS Trainees are eligible to apply for Study Leave. HESW Study Leave process 

All study leave requires you to firstly obtain Trust approval from your Educational Supervisor and Rota Manager. Please follow local procedures for this. Once this has been obtained, then you will need to submit your request via the Study leave portal (Intrepid V10) to centrally record your study leave. Study Leave portal

The function of the study leave portal is to enable you and us to have a central database detailing what study leave you have taken to date. This includes what courses you have been on, the number of days you have taken and the amount spent. On submitting your study leave request via the portal, your own Trust will complete the final approval confirming that you have the days to take and that your eligible to have the money paid back to you.

How to apply for Study Leave


Please follow the steps below to apply for study leave.

  • Trainee identifies development requirement with Educational Supervisors.
  • Trainee books leave from Department following local procedures and obtains agreement from the Rota Manager and the Educational Supervisor.
  • Once Specialty and Rota approval obtained, Trainee to complete the Severn Study Leave portal, which records all study leave across all the training programme  Study leave portal

 List of Approved Courses

Severn School of ACCS - Study Leave Recommendations

  • For Emergency Medicine's approved courses (see below)
    Category Mandatory Courses/Training  Acceptable Alternatives  Recommended Courses 
     Regional Training Days Higher  All HST trainees must attend monthly Regional Training Days    
     Regional Training Days ST3  ST3 Trainees pre Intermediate Certificate completion must attend ACCS EM Regional training Days post Intermediate Certificate they should attend HST Regional Training Days    
    Regional Training Days ACCS EM  Regional ACCS EM monthly programme    
    ST1-2 Regional Novice Anaesthetist Courses
      Regional Novice ICM courses
     Life Support Courses  Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)  European Trauma Course (ETC)  Life Support Instructor Course
    ST1-6 Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) European Paediatric Life Support (EPLS); 
      Advanced Life Support (ALS) European Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS) - from 2016
    **Trainees must be in date provider for for all 3 for CCT. Valid for 4 years so may require re-certification in ST4-6**    Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
     Ultrasound  In Region Core EMUS Course  Commercial Core EMUS Courses (as approved by School USS Lead)  FEEL Course
    ST1-6 FICE Course
     Child Protection/Safeguarding   Trust/Regional Level 2 - ST1/2    
    Trust/Regional Level 3 - ST3 - 6
    Academic/QIP Courses  Regional QIP days Commercial QIP Courses  RCEM QIP days
    ST1-6 Regional Critical Appraisal Skills Commercial Critical Appraisal Courses
    SIM Courses    Regional/Trust level SIM courses (as relate to a curriculum element)    UK TEAM Course
    Exam preparation  Regional Mock FRCEM  Commercial exam preparation courses e.g. Bromerly course  
    Management Courses St4-6  Trust/Regional Management Courses    Kings Fund Course
    Keele Management Courses
     Leadership Courses  To be confirmed with RCEM     

    Other Conferences/Courses 


     School Annual Conference     EMTA conference 
    RCEM National Scientific Conference
    RSM EM Conferences
    Teaching     Teach the Teacher
    Major Incident Training      MIMS courses
     PHEM Sub Speciality Trainees  Regional PHEM Training Days    National Phase 1 and Phase 2 Courses
     PEM Sub Speciality Trainees  Monthly Regional HST Training Days    Annual National PEM Conference
Category Mandatory Courses/Training Acceptable Alternatives Recommended Courses
Regional Training Days ACCS AM Regional ACCS AM monthly programme Regional Medicine CT training day  
ST1-2   Regional Novice Anaesthetist Courses        
Regional Novice ICM courses
Regional New to Acute Medicine day course

Life Support Courses 

**Trainees must be in date provider for CCT. Valid for 4 years so may require recertification in ST4-6** 

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Life Support Instructor Course
      IMPACT/ ASCERT (Can have been done in FY2 year)
Imaging courses        Ultrasound courses, regional or national
National X-Ray courses
Academic/QIP Courses Regional QIP days Commercial QIP Courses   
Exam preparation   Commercial exam preparation courses eg PASTEST, Cases for PACES, Ealing, Hammersmith etc…
Teaching        Teach the Teacher (RCP)
Cartficate, Diploma or Masters in medical education courses
Other Conferences/Courses    School Annual Conference       SAM conference 
    National or regional Acute medicine or General medicine courses
RCP regional update day
RCP teach-ins