National Inter Deanery Transfer Process

The National Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT) process has been put in place to support medical trainees who have had an unforeseen, significant change in circumstances since commencement of their current training programme. In order to provide a consistent, transparent and robust process for all trainees, the National IDT team will make all decisions on eligibility and allocations in accordance with the published guidelines and criteria. You can read these guidelines and criteria as well as find out much more about the process by visiting the National IDT webpages.

For more information please also see the National IDT Newsletter.

Please note that the National IDT arrangements do not apply to foundation, dental or military trainees in any level of training.

Next Window for Transfers

The next opportunity to submit an application for the National IDT process will be in the February 2017 transfer window. The opening date for this application window will be Friday 3rd February 2017 at 4pm. The application window will be open for exactly four weeks and will close on Friday 3rd March 2017 at 4pm. This window will allocate transfers for August - October 2017. The supporting documents will be made available on our website on 3rd January 2017.  

As part of the application process, all trainees will be required to submit a ‘Deanery Document. This form can be found on the National IDT website here and should be sent to your current region’s administrative team for completion. To find out exactly who this should be sent to, please read the ‘Directory for regional IDT contacts’, which can be found here.

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Support Documents - available from 3rd January 2017